Friday, March 30, 2012

Pacific rainbow moon

I recently finished another "Pacific Moon" skirt for schmeebot, using some of the boatload of Ikea fabric she sent.  I made this one about four inches wider in hem circumference than the previous ones, since she had mentioned that sometimes she has to hike up the hem a bit when scaling large boulders or hanging from sheer rock faces.  You see, while you and I might wear a skirt to work or a dinner party, schmeebot wears skirts to climb mountains.   Anyhow, hopefully the extra four inches will give her a little more reach without becoming a victim of the wind.

The material is a sturdy home decor fabric, and the stripes are actually wedges:  you can see the fabric laid out flat here on Ikea's site.

Coming ...

and going.

 I like to choose something fun for the waistband facing:  however, it is very tough to compete with rainbow fabric in the fun department.  I ended up going with a scrap from one of my all-time favorites, my first Butterick 6149:

Poor schmeebot will not get her skirt until I make it a traveling companion, so expect to see another Pacific moon soon.  But first, I have a few other projects in the pipeline!

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  1. This is one of the happiest skirts I've ever seen!