Saturday, March 3, 2012

Winners, winners, winners!

Here comes one those posts I stuffed with screenshots that I warned you about.   We have winners for the 8th through 13th giveaways!   Everyone's been contacted directly as well.

The winner of giveaway #8 is Gail (who also won #7)!  

The winner of giveaway #9 is Fraulein To You! (I sent an email ... hopefully to the right address ...)

The winner of giveaway #10 is Renee G!

The winner of giveaway #11 is CarmencitaB (who also won #6)!  This was the least popular group, it seems, with only two entries!  But you gotta like those odds.  :)  

The winner of giveaway #12 is KittyMeow!  This was the most popular one so far.

And finally ... the winner of giveaway #13 is Njeri!

As of now, things look good for mailing out patterns Monday morning, for everyone whose address I have by then.  

And guess what -- I am a winner too ... because I have an awesome friend!   Who mailed me a 22 POUND box of loaded with fabric goodies from California!  Look at all this fabric from Ikea, waiting to be transformed into skirts:

There were also two already-made skirts with awesome tulle underskirts! Possibly I should have ironed them before taking pictures:  it looks like the USPS has had its way with them.   I love the tone-on-tone mini-stripe of the fabric, and I will have to steal the underskirt idea for my own sewing projects.

A big box of knit fabrics also arrived this week from   I'm swimming in fabric (and I'm not complaining! Not at all!)  I've also been cleaning out my husband's closet ... not at all altruistically, I might add.  More on that later!


  1. Wow! I can't wait to see what you make with all those pretty fabrics!

  2. Oh wow, what a lovely fabric-giving friend you have! It must be karma for all the generous giveaways you always host ;o)