Friday, March 9, 2012

Finally, here are the rest of the giveaway winners!

Sorry for the delay in wrapping up the final giveaways ... it has been a heck of a week and I just didn't have the spare cycles.   But I spent some quality time with this evening, and here's what I came up with:

The winner of giveaway #14 is Lynn!

#15 AND #16 are for Kat of Krafty Kat!

Mariana is the winner of #17!

And last but not least, the final giveaway goes to Wylde Hills of Wylde Hills Costuming!

Thanks to everyone who stopped by to take a look at my giveaways -- I wish I could have a fistful of patterns for each and every one of you!   I'm so happy to know that these patterns are heading off to good homes (or have already reached them!)   And, incidentally, the patterns for giveaways #8 through #13 were mailed on Tuesday, so if some of those are yours, keep an eye out.

Happy weekend everyone, and good sewing!  I hope to get some in myself.

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