Sunday, April 18, 2010

Behind before I even begin

The vintage pattern contest is the only one I've ever contemplated entering at Last year I had work crap and didn't finish in time. This year, they didn't include it as one of the annual contests, but snuck it in as one of the two-week Project Runway-esque assignment contests. It was announced a few weeks ago, but I only noticed today, three days after the start date. And I sew sloooow, folks. Nevertheless, I'm gonna try to get something started. I'm thinking this Anne Adams pattern from the 1940s, using some cotton lawn fabric I bought at Roop Sari Palace a few weeks ago. Hopefully I can cut all the main pieces out of one of the two 8 foot by 36 inch pieces, and then use the other for the sleeves and pockets so that they can be all accent-like.

It would appear (based on my long and tedious search for an available name on blogspot) that 99.5 percent of humanity not only got around to blogging before me, but abandoned it already. Perhaps blogging is already retro ... if so, then I am right on time ...

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