Sunday, April 25, 2010

Pleated skirt with extroverted lining

Regardless of what it might look like based on my flurry of pattern reviews in the past week, this skirt was the first thing I finished during this calendar year.   I had another version of this skirt almost done, but it turned out I'd traced a size too big, and my half-assed attempt to fix it by adjusting the side seams just didn't fly.  I couldn't work up the enthusiasm to pick it apart and perform major surgery, so it'll just have to be a wadder.  

Pictured is the successful second version.  For some reason, I really loved sewing down those little pleats, and as you can see from my detail photo, it wasn't because I did such a great job at it.   I'm sure a therapist could tell me why.   I always try to line with a "fun" color if I have one on hand that works, and hooray, my favorite watermelon-colored batiste matched this.  I used it to line the last skirt I finished, and also the dress I made for last year's vintage pattern contest but failed to finish on time.  I bought all that was on the bolt, because for some reason, it seems to match everything.  I'm not sure why, I'm not really a "pink" person -- nothing against it, but I'm more into greens and purples.   I let the lining hang an inch or so longer than the skirt for that "double skirt" effect.   Such gorgeous watermelon lining does not want to hide, and this seemed better than flipping up my skirt in public.

I wore this to work on Earth Day, which wasn't intentional, but it does have a rather "earthy" vibe with all that green and brown.  Nobody asked me if I made it, but that might be because they saw the fabric when it arrived at the office from   I get all my packages shipped to the office because they're occasionally stolen off my doorstep.  And my co-workers usually want to see what's in the box.  Which is why, when I ordered some bras recently, I took my chances with the doorstep bandit and had those delivered to the house!

Anyhow, the pattern review for this is here.  I'll almost certainly make it again before too long.

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