Friday, April 23, 2010

It's Friday! The weekened cometh. Sewing awaits.

I've been able to work on my Anne Adams dress a little almost every evening this week. I've got the bodice and bodice lining assembled and joined at the neck/front seam. Next up is attaching sleeves. I am hoping that I can finish it this weekend.

I also posted another pattern review for stuff made in 2009: McCalls 5431, a fairly simple skirt. I made it five times, because I had so little time to sew, which was not doing wonders for my stupid mistake ratio when I was sewing, so I stuck with something simple that I know. Besides, I <3 a-line skirts. Can't have too many. The pattern review is here. I think the fifth and final skirt I made is my favorite. Mainly because I love the print on the fabric. I know sewing with quilting cotton is the epitome of uncoolness, and yeah, I get that it doesn't drape as well as other fabric. But there are a million out-of-this-world gorgeous quilting fabrics out there, and relatively few great prints on other fabrics. I wish somebody would start cranking out lawn or voile (what's the difference between those two, anyhow?) in such awesome designs. I did buy some of Anna Maria Horner's voile prints ... I'd love to see other quilting fabric designers produce lines like this too.

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